Please Excuse - Our website is under reconstruction. Some information is available.

Thanks for checking us out…and…welcome to the Guilford County Home Educators’ Athletic Teams (GC-HEAT) Association website.

GC-Heat is a Member-based and governed Association comprised of homeschooling parents (and their children) in and around Guilford County, North Carolina.


We hope that this GC-HEAT website will ultimately become the axis around which the various GC-HEAT sporting-related activities will rotate in a smooth and orderly manner. However, as we begin, we acknowledge that we will probably always be somewhat of a “work in progress” because our website will be manned by a combination of amateur volunteers and students.


Therefore, we want to encourage and invite all GC-Members (and non-members) to participate fully in helping us to create and maintain functionality and accuracy. And, while we will pursue perfection, please let us know about any errors or inconsistencies that you notice…and…please also extend us grace for the imperfections that will present themselves more frequently than we would prefer.

Check out all of the side bar links to learn more about the GC-HEAT Association…and…thank you again for visiting us at our GC-HEAT world!